Who We Support

At Shop to Stop Plastic we proudly contribute a portion of our sales to non profits that clean the oceans all over the world. 🧹 🌊🌍

It is the responsibility of every human being to protect the environment and handover a functioning planet to future generations. Shop to Stop Plastic is the result of the pioneering efforts of Laura Mendez of the Netherlands to find eco-friendly alternatives to the majority of the products used in daily life. We aim to produce a change in the hearts and minds of people across the world and awaken them to the need for bringing the planet back to its pristine glory.

An enormous amount of plastic is being manufactured to meet the needs of the daily requirements of people. Plastic products are non-degradable and contaminate the food and water chains, adversely affecting the health and habitats of all living organisms. The time has come to completely eliminate the use of plastic in global supply chains.