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Humanity is at the precipice of an environmental Meltdown. It is the responsibility of every human being to protect the environment and handover a functioning planet to future generations.


How we started and why we care

Shop to Stop Plastic is the result of the pioneering efforts of Laura Mendez of the Netherlands to find eco-friendly alternatives to the majority of the products used in daily life. Our zeal is to drive home the point of environmental protection through responsible consumerist practices within socially conscious parameters.

It is our sworn objective to drastically reduce the use of plastic globally. From household items to beauty products, we strive to educate and inspire people on the benefits of products made from organic raw materials. We believe that the planet is one large home for every living being and we should strive to enrich our planet through sustainable consumerism.

Shop to Stop Plastic endeavours to build a plastic-free world. We offer a diverse array of products that are manufactured through rigorous technical methods encompassing skill, efficiency and ethics. We aim to produce a change in the hearts and minds of people across the world and awaken them to the need for bringing the planet back to its pristine glory.


The problem with plastic

Stop Plastic pollution
An enormous amount of plastic is being manufactured to meet the needs of the daily requirements of people. Plastic products are non-degradable and contaminate the food and water chains, adversely affecting the health and habitats of all living organisms. The time has come to completely eliminate the use of plastic in global supply chains.

Plastic will make Ocean-life extinct
Improper disposal of plastic is leading to the accumulation of plastic in seas and oceans. This results in high-risk contamination of water resources. The flora and fauna of the water bodies are slowly degrading by the increase in plastic waste. Reports show that aquatic organisms are ingesting the plastic waste which is leading to a decrease in their numbers. This biological contamination of fish is building up through the food chain and will ultimately affect the health of human beings. It is estimated that by the middle of this century there will be more plastic in the oceans than the number of fish.

Effect on Humanity
We are staring at a monumental environmental disaster that has the capacity to severely cripple the functioning of oceanic ecosystems. This will have a domino effect and within no time, the sustainability of human life will be at risk because of plastic pollution.

We Are

  • Through the use of biodegradable components, we are offering new solutions to the daily needs of people focusing on the advantages of eco-friendly products.
  • Our products are natural based and have vegan constituents to serve as a safe alternative to the highly damaging use of plastic-based products.
  • We make sure that our products are manufactured completely cruelty-free, certified by PETA and CCF. Some of our products are Green America certified which show our commitment to the achievement of a plastic-free world.

 Stop Plastic Pollution

The Hopes that drives us

  • Our endearing dream is to make the world completely plastic-free.
  • Our duty is to make progress on a non-plastic solution to modern-day needs and create a change of thinking in people towards the use of plastic and empowering them with the critical insights that are needed to make the worlds a better place for the future generations.
  • Our objective is to make Earth a safe place for every living creature by decreasing our dependence on plastic use.

Values that drive us


  • Health is a universal right of all human beings. We believe that a small portion of the industrial elite has no right to pollute our planet with plastic.
  • We aim to make the world a healthier and happier place by focusing on the need for non-plastic alternatives and cleanse our bodies of indirect contamination of plastic-based harmful toxins.


  • To make the environment more liveable for all living organisms, by decreasing the amount of plastic in daily life
  • To restore the original pollution-free ecosystems of the earth by sensitising people across the globe towards the dangers of using plastics. We want to wake the people to the dangers of using plastic bottles for conditioners, shampoos and other beauty products as make-up brushes.

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